Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wozniak: Absolutely Mind Boggling

That's the best I can do to describe the experience of listening to Steve Wozniak. I have read books, magazine reports, slashdot posts, news posts, stories, movies about Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Apple, but it was nothing like hearing from the mouth of Wozniak himself.

The much larger bandwidth of the speech in person, with all the accompanying extra information that comes from voice, brought so much more detail and life to the stories and I had already read and heard about.

The most amazing thing was to hear about the thought and learning process Wozniak went through, the principles him and Jobs had from the beginning, the failures, the passion, discovery, and so much more. Even in such a compressed length of time (30 minutes).

I'll post more about this and the other speakers at Startup School (all of which have been excellent), but here are some of my favorites Wozniak quotes. I am eager to encode the voice recordings I'm making to ogg/mp3.

"As long as you have enough gadgets, health doesn't matter" (joke)
"I didn't think there were jobs in computers"

(paraphrase) I was competing against myself. It was more of a game than about a job. There were no tangible results, except what I achieved in my mind. (about designing new improved chips from existing ones)

"The computer should be designed for the person"

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