Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tour of the Amazon with the Byrd Brothers

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Ryan Byrd, a good friend of mine from work, accepted my invitation of coming to Brazil during my vacation there. I told him I could show him my home town around, and that he would have a good time.

Thankfully he accepted. He spent a few days in Rio de Janeiro, then flew to Manaus to meet up with us, where we spent three days together exploring Manaus and the Amazon. I took Ryan and his brother David on several tours of the city and its night life, and the forest.

I lived in Manaus most of my life, so I usually don't do the things tourists do. This visit by Ryan gave me a good excuse to revisit sites of this great city and area. I must say that I was impressed by the tour of the forest provided by a local company, Amazon Explorers. It was really professionally run, and we had a great time. It cost R$ 78 (approx. US$ 40) per person, with lunch, boat ride, and canoe rides included.

This album on flickr has some of the pictures of our time together in Manaus. I don't have pictures of the night clubs we hit, but I presume Ryan will put them up on his website.

I had not been to Manaus in 3 and a half years and I was impressed with how much the city had changed in this short time span. The growth is pretty impressive. Many good things happening.

Unfortunately, the local government continues to show chronic signs of myopic thinking. I will post more about that later, maybe on my site, if I resurrect it, or here.

I had a great time with Ryan and his brother David, and hope they had a good time too. Manaus is definitely worth a visit. Lots of great places, sights and things to see, with some fantastic history behind. Come leave some of your dollars in Manaus: you won't regret it!


  1. Even though it has been eleven years since I last visited Manaus, I obviously need to start saving now. Can you take (and post) some pictures of the temple site?

  2. Thanks again for being a fantastic tour guide. Brazil was simply amazing!

    I have a dozen blogs I will post on our adventures, here's the first one:
    Brazilian Adventure