Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Profbay.com Tracks How Profitable Your Sales Are

I should have written an entry about this much earlier, but I haven't been a good blogger. Shame on me...

We launched ProfBay.com into open beta a couple months ago, and today it made it into two very prominent web sites: Lifehacker.com (ProfBay Tracks How Profitable Your eBay Sales Are) and The Redferret Journal (ProfBay - how much money are you making from eBay?). Needless to say, our sign up rate went through the roof (thanks Redferret and Lifehacker!)

Lifehacker.com said:
If you're a regular lister on eBay, you know how much your items are selling for, but maybe not the hard margins on your best stuff. Free (in beta) web tracker ProfBay aims to help.

ProfBay can't read tea leaves to know how much it cost you to acquire or prep an item for sale, but it does do the hard math on your shipping, eBay's insertion and listing fees, and PayPal take-outs to determine how much you're in the black after sending your item out.
The Redferret Journal said:
ProfBay is a new online application that monitors your eBay account to help you track profitability from your sales. It’s in beta at the moment, and free, but the developers plan to charge a ‘small subscription fee’ sometime in the future. Could be useful for all you budding auction entrepreneurs.
ProfBay.com is all those things, and more. So many eBay sellers sell mostly on the blind, or using clumsy, time-consuming spreadsheets. ProfBay automates this process by importing your completed listings, and giving eBay sellers an overview of how their eBay businesses are doing.

Main features:
  • Automatic importing of eBay listings
  • Automatically tracks all expenses, fees, and income
  • Other income and expenses (including acquisition costs) can be added by the user
  • Built-in graphs and charts to measure your profit or loss
  • At-a-glance view of your eBay business
  • Support for multiple eBay ids
  • Track item views with a click of a button
In short, ProfBay is an eBay profit and loss analysis tool, and we hope it'll help eBay sellers make more money. Why not give it a try today?

P.S.: To all those who left feedback on our site and on comments, thanks. We know there are a few issues with the site, and we're working on it as fast as possible.

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